Fine rings and things designed and made by Alastair Gill.

"I used to design and make special pieces of contemporary jewellery including wedding rings. I also created other objects such as boxes, spoons and chopsticks. My background in architecture inevitably informed my designs. My work was pre-occupied with investigating the nature of spaces. The movement of space and the characteristics of the defining boundaries of space, together with exploring the surfaces, textures and colours that distinguish one space from another.

Working with specific clients, my existing designs were often developed through the collaboration. My keen interest was to create special pieces of work for my clients and customers.

I was the proprietor of the Alastair Gill Gallery at 4 Christmas Steps, Bristol BS1 5BS from 1988 - 2001. During this period I curated numerous ambitious group and solo exhibitions focussing on promoting excellence in the fields of contemporary furniture, textiles, jewellery and fine bookbinding. The venue helped to create further awareness of contemporary designer - makers and provided access for clients and commissioners to these designers.

Life moves on !  I have stopped designing and making fine rings and things, though my interest in the subject continues. I now predominantly design and maintain websites." Further information from here